Can’t let go! Yung Thong bans fans for pushing Howe for life

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Leeds United have banned a fan for pushing Newcastle United manager Eddie Howe. During the injury time during their 2-2 draw, with Salika manager pleading for security. More stringent security

Leeds United released a statement confirming A fan has been arrested for entering the technical area and pushing Newcastle United manager Eddie Howe, with a lifetime ban. In the Premier League game where both teams were tied 2-2 on Saturday, May. The past, Salika Dong said the incident happened so quickly that he was unable to catch up, but hoped for better security.

Can't let go! Yung Thong bans fans for pushing Howe for life

It happened in the fourth minute of stoppage time, with the UFABET teams still level. When a local fan suddenly walked up to. Howe was cheering on the sidelines. Before saying something then put your hand to push hot to the security guards must hurry to grab him and quickly take him out of the field Fortunately, no one was hurt.

After the match, Yung Thong  issued a statement ordering the sword of fans outside this line immediately, stating that “ Leeds United can confirm that. Following the events of our Premier League game against Newcastle United today, a fan has been arrested and banned for life.

Mr. Magpies said he didn’t really remember whether he was pushed or not. This is weird because you are concentrating on the game. It’s not what you expect it to happen. He came in and said something that he could not repeat. And then he walked away I think that’s what happened. But someone might tell something different. because the event happened quickly

“I’m fine. I think moments like that make you think. The safety of staff and players is paramount in the football league. We have to stay focused, you know, I think safety is very important, hopefully after this incident will make people think and analyze things. and see how we can improve safety for staff and players,” Howe said after leading his team to collect one point. As a result, there has been an increase to 66 points from 35 matches, still ranked 3rd, leading Liverpool to 5th place, 4 points from the same number of matches.