If you get AA how should you play

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Today We Are Going To Talk About How To Play AA. Which Is The Dream Card Of Many Friends, How To Play And Eat As Much As Possible. And Avoid Badbeat Situations As Much As Possible. First Of All, The Main Goal We Raise With AA Is To Limit The Opponent’s Incoming Cards And Create A Big Pot. It’s Okay For Us To Win A Small Pot, But We Don’t Get Hit By A Big Pot.

If you get AA how should you play

So How Much Should Friends Raise AA?

The Base Raise Size In Case Of Opener Is 3 To 5 Times The Big Blind. May Increase By More Than 6 Big Blind In A UFABET Game Where Players Play A Lot Of Cards (Loose Game, Each With 35+ VPIP, Deep Stack). ) And Should Reraise In Case It’s Not An Opener. So That Our AA Doesn’t Collide With Junk Cards. And Found Only Big Cards Which We Will Take Quite A Lot

If The Game Is Very Loose, You May Try Limp And Reraise. In The Early Position, But Honestly This Method Is Not That Good. It Has Two Disadvantages:

We Run The Risk Of Not Having A Single Raiser And Having To Play The Entire Table At The Flop Where Our Advantage Is Almost Nonexistent. Unfortunately, The Opportunity To Make A Profit Was Missed. 

2. Our Cards Will Be Read Clearly. The Other Party Will Assume That We Are A Big Card And Will Not Call Us Thereafter With Our AA Losing Card. In Short, It May Be Correct. But In The Long Run, It Will Lose The Profit That Should Have Been Taken Anyway.

So When Should Friends Squat AA?

 The AA Preflop Squat, If It Wasn’t In The Tournament, Probably Wouldn’t Exist. When The Cards Have Been Opened To Play Usually We Are The Ones Who Get The Bet First, Try To Play The Control Pot If The Board Doesn’t Like Us. In The Case Of Many People, If We Bet Another Person Raise And Then Another Person All In, Consider The Cards Of Both People Well, If You Think There Is Someone Bigger Than 2 Pairs, Then Fold, Or In Another Case, They Will Be Raised When The Board Is Complete. Straight Or Flush, Consider Crouching If You Think The Other Party Is Not Bluff (Affecting Factors Are The Opponent’s Tightness, The Size Of The Bet, The Condition Of The Board). 

And If We All In With AA And Get Badbeat

 Friends, Don’t Worry If You Have To All In With AA Preflop And End Up Losing. Check Out The Picture Below. Size AA. Let’s Meet. There Are Still People Who Lose. In Fact, AA Wins On Average Only 80 Out Of 100, Even When Facing AA Together, There’s Still A 2% Chance Of Losing. It’s Best To Think We’re Right, Just Unlucky.