Red Devils think heavily about extending De Gea’s contract due to high wages

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Manchester United have faced a loss, prompting scrutiny over whether to extend the contract of goalkeeper David de Gea pays him to stay at the team, with a focus on Jordan Pickford army instead.

The Telegraph famous media News reports that Manchester United. The English Premier League club are considering that. Will use the option to renew the contract with David de Gea. The Spanish outpost. Another year away. Because it is a player who receives the highest wages of the club. But the latest team’s performance has suffered a loss.

Red Devils think heavily about extending De Gea's contract due to high wages

The 31-year-old goalkeeper earns a salary of up to £350,000 a week, or about 14 million baht, but in recent times he often makes mistakes. His contract expires in June. But there is a condition for another year, while the Red Devils lose an additional 115.5 million pounds, or about 4,883 million baht, especially the payment of wages for the entire team, an increase of 19.1 percent due to grabbing famous players to join the army. many

As a result, the board of directors of the local club at Old Trafford  are weighing that. Will contract players with high wages or not? If you decide not to increase the duration of the football career, it will make Mr. Dan Kratingdu Able to move as a free agent in the middle of next year, they have Dean Henderson, who is already loaned to Nottingham Forest this season. 

while Jordan Pickford goalkeeper Everton is another target. because of the previous season Create excellent results helping the team. blue toffee Survive from relegation to play in the Championship at the end of the season successfully, and can also open the UFABET game with the foot, which fits with the tactics of the Dutch coach Eric Ten Hag.

Pickford ‘s contract remains at Goodison Park until mid 2024, if the player does not extend his contract by the middle of next year. It will make the agency in the Merseyside must be released quickly. Otherwise, it will be lost for free, but not the Red Devils who pay attention to only one team. There are still many clubs who want to see the pole as well.