‘Ward-Prowse’ indicates that the standard of ‘Saints’ has dropped to the Premier League

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England midfielder James Ward-Prowse believes that the reason Southampton had to be relegated was because the form of play was not up to the same standards as last season. Causing him to return to play the Championship for 11 years. But still confident that The UFABET team can come back

Captain James Ward-Prowse Southampton admits their standards have dropped. Causing a poor performance until finally unable to survive in the English Premier League this season after just opening home to lose 0-2 to Fulham on Saturday, May 13th. Until making 8 points behind the safety area, while there are 2 games remaining, which is definitely not enough to continue playing in the top league of the elite country

'Ward-Prowse' indicates that the standard of 'Saints' has dropped to the Premier League

The Saints ‘ 24th game defeat was the joint-most in club history. And it was the first drop in 11 years after going up from the Championship in 2012-2013, where the 28-year-old. Midfielder expressed his disappointment after the match at St. Mary’s Stadium. Where he thought the team Should do a better job.

“From the first day of pre-season until now You can tell the club’s standards have dropped,” said the free-kick punter. “We have to be individual and as a club. and assess that Have we done everything we can? I think we didn’t. And that’s unfortunate. Have we made the right decision? Have we done everything we can on the pitch? I think we should perform at a level better than what we have done.”

However, the England international is confident the club will be back on track soon. Because this is a testing period and the club has done it before. As for his own future, he hadn’t thought too far ahead. While it is inevitable that a relegated club’s players will be attracted to the attention of other clubs. who want one because the price is not very high 

“We’ve just been relegated from the Premier League so I don’t want to think too far ahead of tomorrow. We must work together. and cope with it I’ve been here since I was eight and I’ve seen the journey of the club, ups and downs, good times and bad times. And this is a bad time. But I’m sure There will be some good players at the club that will bring the team back to the Premier League soon,” said James Ward-Prowse.