Techniques for drying underwear correctly What to do so as not to lose shape?

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Underwear is an item that must be worn close to the body. It is therefore very important to keep them clean and in good condition at all times. One of the ways to preserve your underwear to make it last longer is to dry your underwear properly as follows.

Techniques for drying underwear correctly What to do so as not to lose shape?

1.Separate colors

Before drying underwear Underwear colors should be separated into light and dark colors. To prevent the color of dark underwear from transferring to light-colored underwear.

  1. Shake it off to dry.

After washing the underwear Shake it off to dry a little before drying it. To prevent water from clinging to the underwear causing it to lose its shape.

  1. put aside

If your underwear is still wet Let it dry on a towel for a few minutes. This allows excess water to drain out before drying.

  1. Hang to dry

When the underwear is dry enough Hang to dry in a shaded area with good ventilation. Underwear should not be dried in areas exposed to strong sunlight. Because it will cause the color to fade.

  1. Tidy it up.

Before hanging the underwear to dry Should be neatly arranged. To keep the underwear in its original shape

Tips for drying underwear

  • Do not twist or crush your underwear forcefully. Because it will cause you to lose your shape.
  • Do not use hangers with rings that are too small. Because it will cause the bra strap to become deformed.
  • If the underwear is made from stretch fabric Should be dried horizontally.
  • If it’s underwear made from lace Should be dried in the shade to prevent color fading.

Caring for underwear

In addition to drying underwear correctly There are other ways to care for underwear as follows:

  • Underwear should be washed by hand or using a gentle washing machine.
  • You should use a laundry detergent specifically for underwear.
  • Underwear should be washed separately from other clothes.
  • Underwear should be dried in a shaded area with good ventilation.
  • Avoid drying underwear in the dryer.
  • Underwear should be stored in a mesh bag or garment box.

Proper care of your bra will help it last longer. and maintains its original shape, is comfortable to wear and always looks good