Grealish has sex with a raped girl in Mendy’s house

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Manchester City midfielder Jack Grealish had sex with a woman raped at a party at teammate Benjamin Mendy’s house.

 Jack Grealish had sex with a woman during a party at the house of Manchester City team – mate Benjamin Mendy the UFABET same night she was reportedly raped. That was the testimony of witnesses at a trial at Chester Crown Court revealed. That Grealish had sex with the 23-year-old woman raped by Mendy’s co-accused Louis Zaha Matturi. On the same night in August last year

Grealish has sex with a raped girl in Mendy's house

          Mendy , 28, is charged with seven counts of rape. One count of sexual harassment and one count of attempted rape. All accused of taking place at his home in Cheshire. United kingdom Covering between October 2018 and August last year. Zaha 41 denied seven counts of rape and four sexual assault charges against eight women. Of which two of the eight were raped by Mendy. Both men denied all allegations.

A jury of eight men and four women were sworn in before the trial began in early August. which is expected to end in mid-December. Grealish was named during testimony with police of 10 women (the victims could not be identified) and was opened to a jury on Friday morning . Mendy was raped twice. That same evening, there was a party at his home in Pressbury. Cheshire in August last year After being raped once, Woman 10 told police she went to Woman 11 in the lounge.

         Woman 10 said, “[Women 11] told me she had sex with Jack. I don’t know if it’s consent or not. I don’t know what it is But she talked about it.” “ I knew this happened after I was with Ben. because later she slept with Ben as well. She was taken to the room with Ben. This is a bedroom.” Woman 10 also said, “She didn’t talk about sex with Mr Mendy. before or after the rape.” I was in a bad shape to say yes or no because I had been drinking all night.”

  She told police she had taken cocaine at her flat last evening . 10 Women said during the rape Mendy asked her if she had “taken birth control pills” and she told him she had not . I know I want to stop and I don’t want that to happen anymore,” she told police. “I didn’t want it to happen in the first place,” she continued. “During sex, he told me, ‘You have a perfect body. This isn’t a 17 year old girl’s body. This is not a 17 year old girl’s butt. I need you every day.'” That was the only conversation going on. He only talks to me.”